Our Name stands for innovation and creativity. We have redefined simple design in a modern and futuristic shape.

We wanted to develop a lighting fixture with a candle. Worldwide there are many designs for vessels to hold candles. Therefore we set ourselves a goal of creating something unique and which has never before been introduced to the market. We chose the shape of a crescent, which has simple, classic and timeless looks. After developing and refining the form in detail over a period of time we had to decide on the material to be used. Our decision has been to use Corian in a translucent form, which through indirect lighting achieves effects. All ball candles up to a diameter of 40 cm, have their own developed heat protection and are hand-poured.

We made a conscious decision to have these products manufactured by hand in Switzerland.


Model Moon (Modèle Déposé)   Material: Corian translucent

Our Product is close to 100 percent being made by hand in Switzerland.

Presently the following sizes are available: XS, S, L and XL. We are planning the production of size M at a later stage.

Size XS
H/W/D 28/19/28 cm
Size S
H/W/D 37/26/37 cm
Size M
H/W/D 47/36/47 cm
Size L
H/W/D 54/40/54 cm
Size XL
H/W/D 80/62/80 cm

Small variations in size may occur due to manual production.

Our product is design protected.

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Our range of hand poured candle balls:

  • 10 cm diameter
  • 12 cm diameter
  • 15 cm diameter
  • 20 cm diameter
  • 30 cm diameter
  • 40 cm diameter

Colour: White

On request we can supply alternative colours of your choice.

Candles for outdoor use may also be cast with a Citronella fragrance.

The wicks are available in 2 versions:

  • Indoors (can also be used outdoors but are wind sensitive)
  • Exclusively outside areas


The candle is an open flame and requires vigilant monitoring. The wick is made so that it can be bent when lit, and in this position the heat from the flame best liquefies the wax up to the edge of the candle and results in an even burning.

If the entire candle surface is not liquid then the wick in thick candles tends to burn the wax around the centre of the candle only, resulting in a burn down through the centre of the candle.

If one dips the wick to extinguish it in the liquid wax and then sets it upright again, it does not smoulder afterwards and is ready for re-lighting. One can also pour the warm wax over the wick. The easiest way is to use an old tablespoon you no longer need.

Do not damage the edge of the candle or liquid wax will run over it. If there remains a too high edge then cut it off when warm.

The ideal length of the wick is about 10 - 13 mm and for outdoor use maximum 10 mm. A longer wick may smoke. Cut it carefully with scissors. But it must also not be too short because it will then be not long enough to bend it. All wicks of candles for outdoor use may smoke and these candles should not be used indoors. Our candles are labelled on the base whether they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Candles for indoor use are also suitable for use outdoors, but are more wind sensitive.

Our candles have an integrated heat shield at the base of the candle in order to avoid damage to the Corian when the candles are burning low. If other candles are used they may cause damage to the shell, and we ask you not to let them burn until the end in order to avoid damage to the shell.

A burning wick can be carefully bent while the candle burns to adjust the burning rate. Do not bend a solidified wick because it can break very easily.

We do not accept liabilities for any kind of damages.